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Physician Practice Management ServicesPhysiomed Physician Services is dedicated to helping Canadian physicians enhance their practices and increase the overall level of care they provide to their patients.

Through innovative practice management services and an extensive network of professional paramedical clinics, we can help you increase your billings, add additional revenue streams to your practice and, simultaneously, reduce the amount of time and money you spend on administrative functions; all of which frees you up to focus on providing your patients with the highest and most comprehensive level of patient care possible. Judged best-in-class by physicians with a variety of practices, our services include


Preventive Incentive is a simple and efficient service designed to help physicians make the most of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Preventive Care Bonuses for Pap Smears, Mammographies, Colorectal Cancer Screenings, Childhood Immunizations & Influenza Vaccines.

By matching your patients with their eligible preventive services, systematically contacting them to ensure they take advantage of these services and then tracking performance to target and handling all the collection and manipulation of data for services rendered inside and outside of your office, we can help you maximize MOH bonus dollars. In fact, many of the physicians currently subscribing to the Preventive Incentive service have realized the full $12,800 of annual bonus income for their practice.

What’s more, because Physiomed Physician Services handles all of the related administration, not only will your practice revenue increase, your administrative burden will also decrease substantially; and, of course, your patients will benefit from receiving a systematically increased level of preventive care through your practice.


Perfect Practice is a program designed to provide physicians with an efficient and effective solution for billing and collecting on uninsured medical services such as missed appointments, telephone advice and telephone based prescription renewals.

By separating the medical and business components of your practice, Perfect Practice allows you and your staff to focus on patient care while reducing administrative work by roughly 30 minutes per day and increasing gross revenue from uninsured services by an average of $15,000 in the first year of participation

In addition to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice, Perfect Practice also helps to change patient behaviour by providing them with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, their Doctor’s time. As a result, you’ll see fewer frivolous requests coming into your practice and a greater willingness on behalf of patients to pay for uninsured services.

At Physiomed, we take patient privacy and confidentiality seriously. To view our Privacy Commitment, please click here.

For more information or to sign up, please call 1.866.236.4978 or visit physicianservices.ca.


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