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Here's what our patients are saying about Physiomed!

Scott Alexander

Patient of Physiomed Oakville

“I just wanted want to make a few comments about the team for Physiomed Oakville ( Iroquois Shore ) on how great the staff is at that location, from the front desk ( Linda ) to the physiotherapist Tracy Demianczuk, also the massage therapists, right up to Dr. Jason Lemieux, who is running this team, they are great bunch who are very professional and seem genuinely concern about my injury and are trying to get me back on track quickly as possible so I can enjoy my sport activities with out to much down time, very helpful on any questions I ask about my injury.

I would recommend to anyone with a injury to go to this location, to get the best help possible.”

Great work guys.

Regards Scott Alexander


with Physiomed Kin Jasmine Lewis at the Mud Hero Run August, 2015

Myka Escano

Patient of Physiomed Erin Mills

Words cannot describe of how grateful I am towards Physiomed Erin Mills. At a young age of 15 I have already learned to live a healthier lifestyle and will do so for the rest of my life. One of the main reasons I chose to join Physiomed was to gain confidence as a performer. Since people can bejudgmental and critical, the stage was where I felt most vulnerable. My goal was to become healthier and happier with both myself and my body. Since I have joined Physiomed I have been a step closer to reaching my goal each and every day!

The staff at Physiomed are professional yet friendly! I have established a bond with the practitioners and continue to look forward to every treatment throughout the week. They always encourage me to work hard and be a stronger, healthier version of myself. Never once have they discouraged or doubted me. I am truly blessed to have a group of inspirational people in my life that I can proudly call my friends.

Thank you Physiomed!


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