I was experiencing muscle tension and swelling on my left forearm from a work related injury. Dr. Filipe Tiburcio and the friendly staff at Physiomed were able to book me on short notice. Melissa is a great RMT and really helped me with my pain. The staff are super friendly and helpful, the clinic has an amazing gym and all the equipment you could ever need, everybody was fully committed to helping me get better fast!

Thanks Physiomed!!!

~Gary Miller

I have had many sports injuries in my life, many of which go back a long time.
I first injured my left shoulder about 30 years ago and have been dealing with it ever since.
The injury was manageable until about 2012 when it started to become an issue.  I compensated for it and just adapted.
Just before I retired in February 2014 I reached an all time low when I pulled up to a drive through ATM and was unable to lift my debit card out the window as my left shoulder just shut down.  I had to take the card in my right hand and reach across.
When I retired, I was devastated.  I now had the time to play more sports but my shoulder was not complying.
I heard about a place in Alliston called Physiomed.  I didn't figure that anyone could do much for me but I had the time so I thought I'd give them a try.
I was examined and interviewed and a program was set up for me.
On my first day I was seen by Dr. Beverly Gilroy.  She examined my shoulder and back and determined that part of my problem was with muscles running from my shoulder blade to my shoulder.  Dr. Gilroy focused on that problem and before long I noticed a reduction in pain and an improvement in the mobility and strength in the shoulder.
In conjunction with Dr. Gilroy, I was also assigned to Kinesiologist Chris Van Wyk.  Chris helped me with a stretching and exercise program.  At first, I couldn't lift any weights with my left arm so I did exercises pretending I was holding a weight in my left hand.  It wasn't long before I was able to lift weights with my left hand and I continued to progress.
I started at Physiomed in March 2014.  In August 2014, 6 months after I started, I was discharged.  My shoulder was operating at about 90% efficiency and I was given a work out routine to do at home. I remember the day in October when I was lifting weights and I realized I had full strength and mobility in my left shoulder and I was 100% pain free!  I actually went into Physiomed to tell Chris and Dr. Gilroy the good news!
Physiomed took me from being a person who thought they would never play sports again to where I am now.  I continue to lift weights based on the routine Chris gave me over 2 years ago and I am very active, mountain biking, playing competitive hockey, swimming for exercise and participating in just about any sport or physical activity that comes my way.
Physiomed, Dr. Gilroy and Chris Van Wyk drastically changed my life.  I will forever be indebted to them for their professional treatment and their never ending encouragement throughout my recovery.
On top of all that, the entire staff at Physiomed have unlimited positive attitude and are the friendliest, most fun bunch of people you could ever meet.  I drop in frequently just to say hi and I am always welcomed and treated better than I deserve.
Oh Ya. Remember how I couldn't lift any weight with my left shoulder?  i now do some of those exercises with a 40lb dumbell! Physiomed has truly changed my life!

The Rabiega family would like to express our appreciation to your amazing services,  knowledge and expertise that have been done so far to our family. Your place has become our second home. We spend a lot of time during the week with people who are always welcoming, kind and friendly. And we would like to tell you our story:

Five years ago, our family of six has moved to Alliston from the busy city of Mississauga, where we were  using Physiomed services and we were happy to find Physiomed with high standards of services in this small town. We are a very active, busy, athletic family and teenage children are always involved with different types of sports. And because we are very athletic, we often experience pain here and there.  

One of our daughters had experienced an injury to her knee and Physiomed Alliston helped her improve her health. Her pain has subsided and she has shown a lot of improvement over this lengthy process. Just the same, our active and athletic family is always welcomed to be treated after different injuries.

Furthermore, our son also plays in a football league and always outcomes with various pains and injuries. Physiomed has helped him progress and he has improved his athletic performance. Physiomed has helped our other daughter improve her posture and decrease her back pains as well. In addition, my husband and I regularly see the chiropractor and get massages that also help decrease back pains and even in some cases, stress. In the same way, we are always welcomed to visit Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists at Physiomed. We are always greeted with welcoming support that has provided a such kind and friendly service at Physiomed.

In conclusion, Physiomed has always supported our family in many ways whether with injuries or pain to help us recover and progress. As a result we love Physiomed and the services they provides us!

Best Wishes,

Grace and Tom Rabiega

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Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.