Since starting treatment at PhysioMed, I feel less neck pain, less shoulder pain and less overall stiffness. My twisted ribs that used to cause me pain while working (I work in housekeeping) is gone! I don’t feel pain when I am lifting anymore. I feel that the combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy has really helped me. Even my left wrist pain that used to bother me while lifting has gone. Thank you Dr. Samji and your team for all the treatments! - Elizabeth C.

My wife and I have been quite pleased and satisfied with the excellent treatment that we received from your clinic. Since I began my treatment at your clinic the pain that I had in my left leg is completely healed. Thanks to your great treatment. - Cyrus R.

All the staff are helpful and friendly. Dr. Suhill Samji (chiropractor) and Gil Yehezkel (physiotherapist) helped to gradually alleviate my pain and correct the problems in my neck and spine. They also asked and anwered questions, caring for me as a patient, and taught me exercises for continual healing. Millie Virani’s massage and encouragement to relax also contributed much to the effectiveness of the treatments. Overall, I had a great experience. - Sonia W.

After pressing the “magic point” in my neck, my neck pain decreased and headache went away. Dr. Samji’s gentle chiropractic treatment has worked. My headaches have been bothering me for many years. I feel less sharp pain in my neck.
The physiotherapy treatment so far after 6-7 treatments has helped my right shoulder pain which was chronic. I am retired now but my previous work was looking through a microscope all day and I worked at this job for more than 20 years! - Y.S. Chun

I really like the massages from Millie at PhysioMed. They are really helping with my neck and shoulder pain which was caused by my car accident a few months ago. I would happily refer her to everybody! - Delicia W.

I have had neck and shoulder pain from lifting type work as a Care Aid. The pain was radiating down my left arm. I began treatment at PhysioMed on Broadway and Commercial and received chiropractic and acupuncture treatment for my pain and injuries. After approximately 7 sessions, I feel 85-90% better. It is wonderful! - Ivy A.

I have had right elbow pain for the past 4 months due to heavy lifting and repetitive right arm activities. After approximately one month of treatment with physiotherapist Gil and laser treatment with Dr. Samji, the pain is now gone! I am now back to work and have had no problems. I have also had low back pain and headaches for many months as I load heavy bags on the plane at work, with chiropractic and physiotherapy I feel much better. - Amanbir S.C.

I had a lot of right shoulder pain when I first came in for treatment at PhysioMed. After 3 treatments I feel much better. The pain was very severe and I had it for 6-7 months. I had difficulty lifting my right shoulder, it is much easier now! - Navjot B.

I have been receiving treatment (chiropractic and physiotherapy) with Dr. Samji and Gil for my right ankle injury. The pain in my ankle was worse with standing and walking. After 6 visits the pain was gone! Great Job!! - Maria Y.

I saw Dr. Samji at PhysioMed as I had a pain in the gluteal region. I was unable to bend sideways before the treatment. After a quick exam, Dr. Samji found a ‘trigger point’ in my piriformis muscle and after using the PNT (pain neutralization technique) I was able to get up and the pain was much reduced and I was able to bend sideways again. I felt like the spasm was relieved! - Marlene C.

I came in to PhysioMed with chest and ribcage pain which has bothered me for approx. 4 years. I had one treatment with Dr. Samji who used the Pain Neutralization Technique which was very gentle. I was surprised how much better I felt and was able to breathe much easier also! - Michael M.

After one treatment with Dr. Samji, I feel much better in my lower back. I have had lower back pain for many years and have gone to another chiropractor also without much improvement. After seeing Dr. Samji, I woke up in the morning with much less pain and stiffness in the lower back after standing at work for 10-12 hours! Putting an Ice pack on my back as Dr. Samji suggested also helped. Dr. Samji used gentle chiropractic treatment and the cold laser to help me. Thank you! - Oliver T.

I lifted a box 7 months ago and felt low back pain ever since on my right side especially at the end of the day. Sometimes I had to lie down at the end of the day as the pain was quite intense. I also have one leg that is shorter which makes the pain in my back worse. After 6-8 chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments, my back feels much better. The physiotherapist taught me a lot of stretching and strengthening exercises which he did with me and Dr. Samji used chiropractic adjustments (both manual and instrument) along with the cold laser to help my back pain. Thanks PhysioMed! - Branko V.

I have had pain in my left shoulder for more than one year after falling awkwardly while snowboarding. I have been receiving physiotherapy from Gil and chiropractic and cold laser treatment from Dr. Samji for the past month and the pain is gone! There used to be increased shoulder pain while sleeping on my left shoulder, now it no longer bothers me when I lie on it. Thank you! - Scott E.

Since getting treatment with Dr. Samji, my neck pain and migraine headaches are much reduced. I have had neck pain and migraines for the past 6 years after being in a car accident. Dr. Samji has been using the Pain Neutralization Technique and instrument adjusting on my neck and spine. I feel approximately 90% better after 9 sessions. I only get migraines occasionally now and the intensity is much less. I have also stopped taking Tylenol which I felt dependent on before. Thank you! - Salvacion R.

I woke up with severe neck pain approximately a week ago. The pain was there before that for a few months but gradually got worse. I could not turn my neck much. After one treatment the pain decreased and I was able to get a good night sleep. The treatment with Dr. Samji was very gentle. - Beverly B. (age 80)

I was unable to rotate and lift my shoulder before treatment. After one Pain Neutralization Treatment with Dr. Samji, I ws able to lift and rotate my arm again. Dr. Samji found a tender point in my right shoulder and after treatment the tenderness was decreased! - Dominic L.

I injured my low back while snowboarding. I landed on my left side of my lower back and felt a lot of pain right away. I was unable to continue to snowboard that day. I went for chiropractic treatment with Dr. Samji, after 3 treatments of the PNT (Pain Neutralization Technique) as well as chiropractic adjustments, I feel approximately 75% better. I am able to bend and move much better now! - Riley

I had low back pain since I was 9 years old. I am 53 now! I injured my back after falling off a horse. I had no treatment after my fall and as I got older the pain got much worse. I had so much back pain that it was difficult to stand and brush my teeth. I have been receiving treatments from physiotherapist, Gil, and chiropractor, Dr. Samji for the past month and I have felt significant reduction in pain. When I first started, I could only bend very slightly, now I can almost touch my toes and it doesn’t hurt when I brush my teeth! I can also walk for a lot longer than I used to. Thank you! - Ali I.

I came to see Dr. Samji last thursday due to low back pain and stiffness. I was unable to bend much, forwards or backwards. Dr. Samji used the Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) on me and gentle chiropractic treatment and by monday I felt 75% better. I could hardly function when I first came in, but now I can bend forwards and backwards freely and move around pain free! - Margaret V.

I injured myself playing ice hockey, another girl crashed into me at full speed on to my right shoulder. I had severe neck and left shoulder pain as my left shoulder went into the boards. I was unable to move my neck and shoulder very well and I was in constant pain and unable to play. I have received treatment from Dr. Samji, he used the PNT (pain neutralization technique) which uses very light touch. And with 6 treatments, I can now move my neck and shoulders and have considerably less pain, approximately 60% improvement. Dr. Samji has recommended that I continue for a few more treatments. - Alora S.

I have had neck and back pain off and on for a few years. I work in the housekeeping department and do repetitive shoulder and arm activities which aggravates my neck and shoulder pain. After going for 6-7 treatments with Dr. Samji and physiotherapist Gil, my pain feels much better and approximately 50% better. I don’t feel the pain in my neck and low back as much. At one point I went to emergency due to severe neck pain and trouble breathing. I felt as if I was having a heart attack! Now the pain is much reduced. Thank you!! - Cyrus R.

My doctor referred me to PhysioMed because I have low back pain. After one treatment with Dr. Samji and Gil I felt a dramatic decrease in pain. I feel like I am able to move again! It was difficult to cross my legs before, now after one treatment I am able to do so. I also slept through the night pain free for the first time in a long time. I would happily recommend this clinic to anyone! - James H.

I really like one of the instruments that Dr. Samji uses, the Percussor. I feel it really loosens up my tight muscles. I wish I could take it home with me! I have had low back pain for a decade and I appreciate the relief. I also used to have numbness down my left arm which has now disappeared since coming for a combination of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy treatments. - Sara W.

Since coming for treatment at PhysioMed with Dr. Samji and Gil (physiotherapist), my neck and shoulders are feeling looser. I have had neck and shoulder pain for the past year. Now it has reduced approx. 50% after 8 sessions. In general I feel younger! I will keep telling my friends. - Marilyn G.

I really love my compression stockings!! I am just starting my third trimester of my pregnancy. The chiropractic treatments have been very good and the physio treatments are also helping me get stronger. My hips have decreased pain on long walks so I am definitely improving. Today will be my 4th treatment. - Ruth P.

After 4 chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions, there is less clicking in my shoulders when I roll them backwards. I also felt a lot looser in my shoulders after the second or third session. I do feel younger and more mobile after treatment! Thanks! - Judy G.

I was in a car accident more than 6 months ago as a back seat passenger in a taxi that was rearenged by a car travelling 80km/hr. My doctor referred me to Physiomed as I had neck, upper back and lower back pain which felt like “sciatica”. I went for some physio treatments at another clinic and felt the improvements were way too slow. After approximately 8 sessions of chiropractic treatment with Dr. Samji, I feel that I have a lot more mobility and a lot less pain and I feel at least 70% better. Its been a long time since I felt this good and as a bonus, I have lost 12 lbs since beginning treatment as I have become more active! - Kim H.

I had sudden and severe lower back pain a few months ago after bending and lifting some tires. All movements were extremely painful. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I was given 2 shots of morphine which didn’t help much! It has been years since my lower back has been this bad. My doctor referred me to Physiomed and after 6 chiropractic treatments with Dr. Samji and physiotherapy treatments with Gil, my back feels much better. Also, my right shoulder is much better and I was able to play squash the other day for the first time in a long time! - George D.

I had shoulder surgery approximately 3 months ago for a frozen shoulder. I have had a very physical job for the past 40 years. After surgery I have had right shoulder pain and limitation of movement. After approximately 4-6 sessions of physiotherapy and chiropractic and laser therapy, I feel much better. I am now able to swim 5-6 laps at the pool and before I was unable to do even one shoulder stroke! Thank you! - Antonio L.

I was referred to Physiomed from a friend at work when I injured my left chest muscle after going to the gym. It was very painful when doing certain chest movements and shoulder movements. After a month of living with the pain I decided to go for treatment. I had physiotherapy treatment with Gil and chiropractic and laser therapy with Dr. Samji. After 5 sessions I feel 99% better!! - Joey M.

I have had ongoing left hip and lower back pain for years and the pain is aggravated by prolonged sitting and driving. The pain initially started 6 years ago when reaching to put something on a high shelf. Since beginning physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic treatment at Physiomed Commercial, the pain is much reduced and I have had much less stiffness in my entire spine and I have noticed my posture has also improved! - Paul B.

I had slipped and twisted my right ankle which caused me pain when I walked for too long. Gil, the Physiotherapist treated me 7 times and also gave me some home exercises. Now I am pain free, there is no more swelling and no limping. Thanks. - Toni C.

I am a letter carrier with Canada Post and used to get a lot of foot pain during my route. Since wearing my new orthotics that I got from Physiomed, I only got pain for about 5 minutes during my route today! Before getting the orthotics, I would get pain for about an hour or more. - Samuel C.

After I fell and dislocated my knee cap, I was unable to walk properly or move my leg without pain. I had to walk at first with crutches. I went to see Gil, the Physiotherapist for treatment and consultation. After a month of treatment I could run with no pain! - Jennie H.

I was trying to describe to my co-workers what happens when I come to Physiomed Clinic, and I told them it’s like “Disneyland” for the body! In approximately 2 treatments my knee pain that I had for one month was gone! I was worried I would need surgery for my knee. Thank you! - Stu W.

I have pain in my left hand for 3 years. The pain was disabling when I was cooking or lifting heavy objects. After only 4 treatments of physiotherapy with Gil, I didn’t feel any more pain!. Thank you. - P. Sachithanandan

I came to see Dr. Samji at Physiomed as I sprained my ankle 2 months ago and there was anlke pain when ever I went for long walks. Dr. Samji treated my ankle and also provided me with some custom orthotics to give my feet more support. My ankle is now pain free. He also checked my spine and posture and the pain I had in my neck is also gone! - Anonymous

I came in to Physiomed because of pain in my neck and left shoulder area. It started a few weeks before possibly due to sleeping awkwardly or repetitive shoulder activities at work or a previous rugby injury. The pain was worse every time I would turn my neck a certain way, and was causing difficulty sleeping and doing my other activities. After about 8 treatments with Gil the physiotherapist and 12 with Dr. Samji, I feel approximately 90% improvement. I am now able to sleep better and turn my neck without pain. I would recommend this clinic to others in pain. - Jaime O.

I came in about a month ago for treatment because of heel pain and shin splints. I could hardly walk because of the pain. I am a rugby player and quite active on my feet. I had treatment with Gil and Dr. Samji as well as laser therapy and after roughly 7 treatments, I feel 90% better! I can’t wait to get my orthotics! - Samuel Co.

I came in with a headache a few days ago. It was bothering me for about 3 days. I went to my family doctor who didn’t know what was causing it and he prescribed some medications for me. After visiting Dr. Samji, he found a trigger point in my trapezius muscle and after working on it, my headache was gone! Thank you! - Jamil

When I first came to Physiomed a couple of months ago I had pain in my neck, upper back, and lower back and had difficulty sleeping due to the pain and had constant pain at work. At work I do a lot of heavy lifting of marble and granite which puts a lot of strain on my spine. After coming for regular chiropractic and acupuncture treatments with Dr. Samji and Poppi, (about 8 sessions), my spine feels much better and I am sleeping better and have less pain at work. - Aaron F.

I injured my upper back at work. It was very sore and it felt like a rib “popped out”. I have had this pain before off and on but it always went away. This time it did not. I work in construction and I do a lot of heavy lifting. I went for 3 chiropractic treatments with Dr. Samji and felt 100% better. He used a gentle instrument to adjust my spine. My ribs feel much better! - Barry B.

I have been having severe neck pain for the past 2 months. The neck pain started after sleeping awkwardly one morning. It has also been causing headaches. I work as a parking lot attendant and am constantly looking down which also increased my neck pain. After 8-10 sessions of chiropractic treatments with Dr. Samji, I feel 80% better. My lower back which was also in pain is 75% better. Dr. Samji has been using gentle Pain Neutralization Techniques to help me. Thank you! - Ishratt L.

I have been having right hip and lower back pain for the past month. I work as a roofer and am constantly bending and lifting heavy objects. Sometimes the pain was so intense that my right leg would give out. After approximately 2 sessions of chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments with Dr. Samji and Gil, my back feels much better and stronger. - Patrick B.

I have had lower back pain for about 6 months. Due to my job which requires me to stand for long periods and shift side to side, my back was always sore. The pain was worse with prolonged standing. I feel much better, about 70% after receiving chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments at Physiomed. I had about 8-10 sessions in total. - Kuen C.W.

Dr. Suhill Samji is an excellent specialist. Very professional, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. He and his all team consulting each other and giving you the best possible care. They took my pain away. I recommend him and his team highly. - Bogdan K.

I hurt my lower back at work while lifting a box of apples over a stack of produce. I had trouble bending, lifting and moving after that and I experienced a lot of pain. My doctor sent me to Physiomed and I did 2 physiotherapy sessions and 8 chiropractic treatments. And now I feel so much better and strainer. I am now able to return to work. Dr. Samji also found other problems in my spine which he fixed and now I feel better all over. - Bryan J.

I fractured my wrist almost 2 years ago after falling backwards while rollerblading. It was feeling like it’s out of alignment. After one adjustment by Dr. Samji, the pain went away. I will now get Dr. Samji to fix my neck and lower back. - Vanessa P.

I have had pain down my right arm. After seeing Dr. Samji, he found some misaligned joints in my ribcage which he fixed and the pain down my arm has disappeared. I didn’t notice the pain was gone until my husband asked my about it. - Judy G.

I had a car accident in April 2012. I injured my neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders. Because of my pain I was unable to lift my 11 month son. Since beginning physiotherapy and chiropractic at Physiomed I have seen major improvements after approximately 20 physiotherapy sessions and 10 chiropractic sessions. I would highly recommend this clinic because of their professional and caring staff. - Rinha T.

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Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.