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1 month ago

Physiomed Alliston

Updated version, we were missing hot pink crayon (Dr. Juffs)! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Haloween! ...

1 month ago

Physiomed Alliston

Happy Halloween Everyone! ...

2 months ago

Physiomed Alliston

We are so proud and excited to be supporting the "Because of you, we can" campaign to raise funds to support our community hospital!
Because of you, we can envision a revitalized hospital with upgraded technology, a larger emergency department, more parking, larger surgical services department, greater number of inpatient rooms, and other critical renovations needed to see our hospital strong into the future!
We are so grateful to have the exceptional, high-quality health care available to us, right in our backyard.
Please join us on this incredible historic journey, so that, together, we can revitalize our Stevenson Memorial Hospital.
Because of you, we can!

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