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2 weeks ago

Physiomed Alliston

How many of you dedicate time daily to caring for YOU?

Feeling great, recovery from a workout or injury, managing stress, and good health all depend on self care!

As we head back to "normal" and our pace of life picks up with fun summer activities, busy weekends, and work... the need for self care increases.

Our kiddos need it too!!! No school doesn't = less need for sleep. Their growth and development, not to mention mood, depend on good sleep.

Top on this list is getting 7-8 hours sleep, adequate water intake (drink your body weight in oz - ++ on hot days), exercise, and nutrition!

What areas are lacking in your day? Pick at least one and make it a goal to improve it this month!

Happy weekend!

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3 weeks ago

Physiomed Alliston

🎉 4 Weeks since our Re-Opening and it feels amazing! 🎉

We are so grateful for all our staff and patients who have made this transition so smooth!! It is so wonderful to be back doing what we love and servicing our community again.

To add to the excitement, we are honoured to have Dr. T as one of our practitioners nominated in the Alliston Herald Readers Choice Awards! Thank you so much for your love and support!

If you want to vote, you can head over to the followig link (direct link in our bio)

#physiomedalliston #chiropractic #physiotherapy #southsimcoe #alliston #newtecumseth #wellness #grateful

3 weeks ago

Physiomed Alliston


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3 weeks ago

Physiomed Alliston

Happy Father's Day to all those great guys out there! ...

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