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1 month ago

Physiomed Health

Interested in shockwave therapy? Physiomed Thornhill is our latest clinic to offer this effective treatment. ⠀

Shockwave therapy can treat chronic back and neck pain, as well as issues in the feet and heels. Benefits include:⠀

1️⃣ Non-invasive treatment⠀
2️⃣ Quick and painless sessions⠀
3️⃣ Limited side effects ⠀

Contact @physiomedthornhill to book your appointment today! @ Physiomed Thornhill

2 months ago

Physiomed Health

How Physiomed is keeping you safe during COVID-19!

📸 Physiomed Maple

2 months ago

Physiomed Health

Here's Physiomed North York honouring one of our favourite patients 💙

It's been 11 years since we first saw this lovely lady. Since then, she’s brought in her mother, kids, and co-workers for care. We've seen her retire, come out of retirement, then retire again. She followed us as we moved 3 times! We’ve been through so much together.

Thanks Eula for your support over these last 11 years. It’s because of patients like you we come to work everyday.

Here's to another 11 years! 🥂

2 months ago

Physiomed Health

We've been open for over a month. But are you still wondering what appointments look like during COVID-19?

Here's an example of how things look at Physiomed Maple!

The big change you’ll notice is at the beginning when you first walk in the door:

1️⃣ We'll greet you, as usual, but do ask that you walk to the front desk and wait.

2️⃣ We'll confirm we have received your COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If we haven't, we'll verbally go through it with you.

3️⃣ We'll also perform a temperature check.

4️⃣ Afterwards, we ask that you have a seat in the waiting room and your practitioner will take over from there.

📸 Physiomed Maple

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