Filipina Meija


I have great passion in my profession and it always makes me happy every time I help someone to feel better about their health or themselves.

I started my professional practice in a government hospital in Saudi Arabia dealing with a wide variety of patients from young to old, from general medical to orthopedic conditions, both in in-patient and out patient settings.

One of the highlights of my career was when I was chosen to work as a locum Physiotherapist to serve the Asian Games Athletes in Athletes Village, Doha, Qatar in 2006. It was a heaven on earth experience in many aspects.

When we migrated here in the year 2011, I immediately started my credentialing which took a year, and prepared for licensing by attending seminars and the Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapist Bridging Program at University of Toronto.

By working in energyXchange/Physiomed I will be able to fulfill my passion in physiotherapy and at the same time improve my own health. Every individual, even people whom we think are perfectly fit still have to continue to work out to maintain vigor. For me, it's like working in a one stop health shop where you can find almost everything that you need to progress. Also, It is a great privilege to work around with people who are focused to achieve every client's goal.

Dr. Tara Hosie

Chiropractor & Elite B.E.S.T. Master

Dr. Tara Hosie was born and raised in Toronto, ON. She first developed a passion for the human body during an exercise science class that was offered during her final year of high school.

Following this passion, she traveled to Halifax, NS where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University.

Upon graduation Dr. Tara remained in Halifax and worked as a kinesiologist for a year while she explored her options for further education. It was a really positive experience with a local chiropractor that sparked her interest in the profession. She promptly applied and was accepted to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College back in Toronto.

After four years of extensive study she graduated Cum Laude and with Clinic Honours from CMCC. In addition to her education at CMCC, Dr. Tara completed the McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program.

Dr. Tara’s approach to care is evidence-informed and patient-centered. She employs a variety of techniques including spinal and extremity manipulation/mobilizations, muscle release therapy, electro-acupuncture, kinesiotaping, vibration therapy and active rehabilitation to ensure that each patient is able to reach their full potential.

Dr. Jennifer McLachlan

Chiropractor & Elite B.E.S.T. Master

Dr. Jennifer McLauchlan has been practicing in Georgetown since 2000. She attended McMaster University where she received her Bachelor of Kinesiology in 1995. She earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 2000, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Upon her return home to Canada, she further specialized her education, receiving a Fellowship from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association for her training with infants, children and expectant mothers.

Dr. Jenn uses Diverisifed Technique, Activator Technique, and B.E.S.T. - an amazing energy medicine technique. She is an Elite Master B.E.S.T. practitioner (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) and has been treating patients with B.E.S.T. since 2006.

B.E.S.T. is a mind-body healing technique developed by Dr. M.T. Morter Jr. in 1970. It is a state-of-the-art system of health care that works towards balancing body/mind/memory/soul energy fields by removing interference between your body and the power that made your body. When this interference exists, symptoms develop and health deteriorates. Removing this interference allows the body to repair and rebuild your damaged, sometimes painful condition.

Dr. Jenn is commited to continuing her education and travels across North America accumulating hundreds of training hours so she is better able to serve her community. She focuses on family care and is happy to adjust all members of your family from infants to seniors.

Kier Loney

Director of Wellness & Public Affairs

Everything in moderation has always been my motto and working here at energyXchange / Physiomed has truly opened my eyes to what being healthy can truly mean.

Using our staff's expertise to ensure each client receives individual attention regarding their health & prevention concerns, has been a gratifying experience.

There has been no greater good than knowing we have given our clients the strength to face the realities of what lies outside of our Wellness Studio. With years of experience in the customer service industry, I have never had the opportunity to enrich lives the way I have at energyXchange / Physiomed.

Paul Bartolome

Physiotherapist Assistant

Paul began his professional practice working as a physiotherapist in a government funded institution for the homeless in the Philippines. He has worked closely with variable diagnoses and multiple morbidities of the elderly and children with special needs. There he has practiced and innovated his growing technical skills and knowledge in rehabilitation for seven years. Aside from the professional experience, it was also while working with the less fortunate that he has developed a greater understanding of and passion for serving.

Paul worked for another seven years in Singapore as an Physiotherapy Assistant. Excellent patient care and education continued to be his main goal in dealing with many conditions such as musculoskeletal, neurologic cases as well as sports and work related injuries. He continues to focus his career by learning new rehabilitation and management trends through reading and attending short courses and seminars.

In Physiomed, Paul has an opportunity to work with a dynamic team of professionals from different disciplines. Paul strives to keep getting better in anything that he does personally and professionally. He believes that we should never stop learning and growing. For Paul, settling for good enough is the biggest obstacle to being great.

Julia Woolfrey

Physiotherapist Assistant

Even growing up, I have always been passionate about athletics. At a young age I became very involved in soccer, playing both recreationally and competitively on a Gold level league team. I knew through playing sports that I wanted to be in healthcare working specifically with rehabilitation and fitness.

Since graduating from Centennial College as on Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Assistant, I am thrilled to be working with such knowledgeable professionals in a place such as energyXchange/Physiomed, a facility that welcomes so many levels and dimensions of health.

I am looking forward to using the experience I have gained to help clients at energyXchange to reach their wellness goals.

Alana Bentham

Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer & Class Instructor

As a young child, I was always an active competitor in most sports- primarily soccer, volleyball, and track and field. My love for athletics and fitness has influenced my desire to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. After receiving my Bsc Honours in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University, I specialized in active rehabilitation and fitness. I also obtained my certification in Personal Training with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

Throughout my career thus far, I have worked with individuals one on one and in group settings. My main focus is to regain optimal physical conditioning, enhancing health, fitness and overall well-being for my clients. My passion for this industry has grown so much over the years and I am excited to be working with the team at energyXchange to help you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Sonya Tanzos

Exercise Physiologist/Therapist & Personal Trainer

Sonya’s energetic nature lead her to become involved in athletics from a young age. She enjoyed various sports however, cross country and long distance running has been her passion. Sonya’s love for being active lead her to pursue an academic journey in Fitness and Health Science.

Sonya has an Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science and a Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling from York University. Her certificate from York University gave her the opportunity to clinically work with a range of individuals from elite professional athletes to those who suffer from chronic disease and abnormalities. She also received an Advance Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management from George Brown College, and is a certified Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

Jillian Manner


From a young age Jillian became interested in fitness and health. However, unlike many in the fitness industry, she was not much of an athlete. She started going to the gym and picked up running as an alternative to playing sports. At the age of 15 she obtained a group fitness certification from Can-Fit Pro. By 16 she was teaching group fitness classes and running half marathons.

Jillian went on get her Honors Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist with the Health and Fitness Federation of Canada.

She enjoys putting her knowledge and passion for helping others into practice by providing both active care and personal training to her clients. Her goal is to help each client realize and harness their potential to lead healthy lives with optimal physical function.

Kristoffer Kaldas

Registered Massage Therapist

At first, I didn't have concrete ideas towards my future ambitions like most people had. And then, in grade 10 phys-ed, I was introduced to the weight lifting course. From that point on, I rapidly developed a fascination with muscular anatomy, its functions limitations and possibilities. I had the fitness bug! Naturally, I followed my passion and was eagerly and constantly pursuing education in health industry. My first definitive accomplishment was obtaining my Canfitpro PTS certification in 2007 which led to my first PTS job at Premier Fitness. There was no doubt that I had found my "Superman" calling. From there my continued interests in health brought me to a massage therapy introduction course, and just one day into it, I knew that this is how I wanted to help people indefinitely.

I graduated from Sutherland Chan in 2009 and became CMTO certified in 2010. I have been practicing as a RMT for 3 years now with experience in providing massage in both the serene relaxing spa and rehabilitative clinical setting.

Jessi Leduc

Registered Massage Therapist

My path to becoming a massage therapist has not been linear, but has been a positive work in progress. After spending the entirety of my work life in the Hospitality industry it started to become clear that it was the job I wanted to hold forever, despite it having afforded me valuable experience and the opportunity to travel through out not only Canada, but the world.

In 2008, I got my certification as a Hatha Yoga Instructor and was bolstered by the positive impact I could have on others' lives. Ready to take the next step, I was certified in Thai Yoga Massage in 2012. I then graduated from the massage therapy course at Trillium College was licenced by the CMTO in 2013.

Dawit Addisu

Personal Trainer & Instructor

I have played sports for most of my life. Being involved in sports helped me to understand the benefits of being healthy and fit. I learned that whatever goal we pursue in life, we want to achieve it while being heathy and fit. I have been a personal trainer for over 12 years now. I enjoy my work as it gives me pleasure to help people achieve their maximum fitness level and enjoy a high quality, healthy lifestyle.

My specialty is my focus on strength and conditioning, sports specifics as well as weight loss. My sessions are based on functional movements with high level of mobility. I joined energyXchange because it is where health and fitness is truly understood and serviced under one roof.

Lee Melamed

Private Pilates Trainer & Class Instructor

Lee fell in love with Pilates 6 years ago when she had to make life changing alterations to her diet. This left her feeling weak and helpless. Pilates showed her how she could not only reclaim her body, but how she could sculpt, strengthen and tone it, without ever having to hit the treadmill. This feeling of empowerment and strength is one she hopes to share with her students.

Lee's style is based on classical Pilates postures blended with more modern freestyle movements that build up to challenging series and routines. The Method class incorporates her style, creating a challenging class, perfect for both beginner and experienced Pilates students a like.

Jana Webb

Founder of Joga™

Jana did her ISHTA teacher training in Tokyo. The word ISHTA has a two-fold definition. In Sanskrit, it means developing a personal yoga practice that meets your individual needs. ISHTA also stands for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra (, and Ayurveda. Although Jana uses some of the principles of the Ishta System, she feels that over the years, and thousand of clients later, she has created her own style of yoga that caters more specifically to her personality and that of her clients.

She comes from a competitive athletic background that she knew at some point would influence how she teaches and the type of cliental she would attract. Although she continues to teach in a studio setting and with private clients from all backgrounds, she has found her niche market in the realm of high performance and elite athletes. Currently, she is working with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.

Joe Tarulli

Personal Trainer & Instructor

I have always had an interest in the sciences of how we can change our bodies through diet and exercise. My journey began with me suffering an eating disorder at a young age as a result of the poor, uneducated decisions I was making with the goal of getting fit.

Through the proper guidance and education, I learned the importance of proper eating habits along with exercise and believe I am a great source of information for those battling with weight issues. Joseph has worked in the fitness industry for 8 years both personal training clients and leading a department of trainers with similar attributes. He has an understanding of what it takes to change your body and life by implementing healthier decision making into each and every day.

Joseph also is an amateur Muay Thai fighter and is always open to meeting new people to discuss their goals and how they can accomplish them.

Marea Taylor

Director of Marketing

My first real grown up job was working at the local gym at age 15 and I was hooked. Over 20 years later, health and wellness is still my first love. Looking back, it's comical to think how much things have changed over the years, from the music to the outfits, to the routines..I can even recall when people thought yoga was a 'here today, gone tomorrow' trend.

I began to study various older disciplines such as yoga and Pilates and newer methods such as vibration training, all the while concentrating on the importance of functional training. Ultimately, this is how 'energyXchange; the evolution of exercise' slowly began to come to life. A place where everything works in sync, where your body is always treated as a whole and not as individual parts, and a place where your muscles are always kept guessing day after day. It took twenty years..hope to see you soon.

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Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.

Did you know?

Low back pain, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced back to problems with your feet.