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Welcome To Our Clinic!

A message from Dr. Alan Pintaric and Michael Forint, Clinic Owners:

We are thrilled to announce that a long standing Chiropractic clinic in the Forest Hill neighbourhood is growing! Health Solutions, a trusted name in our community is relaunching as Physiomed Forest Hill. With the new name, we are bringing additional, complementary health services such as Physiotherapy and Nutrition, expanded hours and additional practitioners.

Are medical professionals and researchers aware of how much confusion they’re creating in the public? It seems like every year there’s a new clinical study being published that disproves a previously accepted truth. So how are patients supposed to have confidence that they will get better if they choose a certain path to health and wellness, yet there are so many supposedly good or better alternatives?

Enter Physiomed Toronto. Our patients have access to a team of trained and certified health professionals who are always ready to provide tools, guidance, and feedback based on effective Positive Health Principles.

Many of our clients hope to improve their health and fitness – and Physiomed Forest Hill is a great place to start this journey. We offer a unique blend of experienced and knowledgeable staff, and utilize the latest health techniques in a warm and inviting environment. You can take comfort in any of our progressive clinics around Toronto. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimum health

At Physiomed Forest Hill, our practice is focused on:

  • Prioritising our patients’ health results
  • The continual development of our staff’s professional and personal skills
  • Development of community outreach programs to impact lives beyond our walls

We are dedicated to educating out patients, helping them to set clear health targets, tracking their progress, and using different tools and techniques so they can achieve their health goals.

We are located at 989 Eglinton Ave W, Unit 2, at the Glen Cedar Rd intersection.

Dr. Alan Pintaric and Michael Forint

Pay What You Want Wednesdays!

We know this time of year gets busy with kids back to school, summer vacations done, getting ready for fall and winter. It can be hard to find time to address your health. As well, many patients find that their benefit plans have been exhausted.

In our effort to continue reaching everyone in our community, we have launched “Pay What You Want Wednesdays!”

How does it work? For patients coming in on Wednesdays this month, you can pay whatever you want for your visit with Dr. Alan. He’ll assess your condition, adjust, do hands on work, demonstrate exercises and strengthening…whatever is required by your condition.

Don’t keep this a secret, please let a friend or family member know. Drop in to see us, or call to book an appointment, 647-499-7094.

This is our way to give back to the community that has supported us through the decades here (under the previous brand), to make our services accessible to everyone in our community, and reach the next 1,000 clients!

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