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Event Space Available!

Bright, open space available for rent, a stone’s throw from Yonge and Bloor. We’ve hosted Corporate events, Lectures, Presentations of 25-100 people. Unique features:

  • Windows overlooking Yonge St.
  • Seating for 30 available, options for seating of 100+
  • Or arrange in stand up
  • Presentation screen, background music
  • Reception area, kitchen, restrooms
  • Extra meeting/break out rooms available
  • Optional “health or beauty” themes, extra giveaways
  • Steps from TTC, parking

Call 416-642-2266 for inquiries.

Visi Available At Physiomed Yonge Bloor

Physiomed Yonge Bloor has brought the health and natural beauty of Scandinavia to Downtown Toronto at Yonge and Bloor with Visi.

Visi wellness products are founded on the powerful benefits of Scandinavian natural living.

Scandinavians have used the Arctic Cloudberry (also known as Scandinavian Gold) for 100s of years to promote health and natural beauty. Today, scientists and researchers continue to be amazed by the mighty nutrition available within this powerful berry. Visi has developed a comprehensive line of products to address Wellness and Beauty goals:

  • Visi Wellness – With dozens of vital nutrients for maintaining optimum health throughout life
  • Visi Energy – Replace your sugar, caffeine, and other harsh chemical stimulants with this all-natural alternative
  • Visi Trimma and Vinnle – Weight Loss, or more accurately, “Fat Loss”
  • Visi Probita – Protein for healthy hair, nails, skin, muscle and other tissue
  • Visi Rensa – Cleanse

More details and ordering information available here:

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