Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition that usually starts out as a dull ache that can get worse over time. The neck is made up of a number of vertebrae that extend from the upper torso all the way to the skull. Just like the back, it’s important to keep this region well-aligned. 

At Physiomed, we’ve been helping patients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond deal with chronic neck pain. Using a combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic and other effective treatment options, our interdisciplinary approach helps to address pain in the neck and its surrounding areas. 

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can be triggered by a number of things, including tension and muscle strain. This can be attributed to certain behaviours, such as:

  • Whiplash during a car accident
  • Jerking the neck back during sports activities
  • Sleeping with your neck in an awkward position’
  • Poor posture

Certain health conditions can also bring on chronic neck pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can swell the joints, causing intense discomfort. Osteoporosis can also occur in the neck, weakening the bones and creating small fractures. 

If your are you’re experiencing and of the following, you may need to seek professional help:

  • Stiffness or pain that doesn’t improve after a few days
  • Inability to turn your head right or left without severe discomfort
  • Pain that has started in your neck, but has turned into a tingling or numbness elsewhere in the body

How do you treat neck pain?

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care are among the most effective ways to tackle neck pain. Using a series of exercises, one of our highly-trained physiotherapists and chiropractors can help reduce swelling, improve range of motion and increase flexibility. 

At Physiomed, we take a well-rounded approach to healing -- which is why we recommend a unique combination of proven therapies to deal with chronic neck pain. Along with physiotherapy and chiropractic care, our treatment plans also often include massage therapy, acupuncture and other therapies. Best of all, our options are all non-invasive and drug-free.

Physiomed for Neck Pain

Whether you live in Toronto, Oakville, Alliston or Orangeville, you can find relief from neck pain with a visit to one of our many locations. Experience firsthand why Physiomed is one of Ontario’s most trusted providers of high-quality healthcare. 


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