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We have skilled chiropractors and physiotherapists who take an integrative approach to treating our patients. They’re able to complete a full structural and functional assessment in order to create a program that’s customized to meet your needs.

Our physiotherapy treatments include manual therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, muscle retraining, bracing, and many others. Patients undergo a Clinical Fitness Function Screen to determine their current level of strength and functional movement. This allows us to identify what is happening in the patient’s body and outline the most effective treatment programs.


Our approach is built upon a clinical conditioning foundation, which identifies existing red flags and addresses the current conditions of the patient. This creates an environment that fosters long-term success for our patients.

We provide nutrition education to address the root causes of weight management issues. Nutritional counseling helps you make the right choices when selecting foods that support your health. We can help you understand the fundamentals of healthy eating to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need.

Each individual will respond differently to treatment programs, so we tailor our services to your unique needs in order to provide effective results.

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