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  • 3 weeks ago

    Physiomed Oakville

    Great post by the Crossfit Games Champ Matt Fraser on turning disappointment into a positive. Great perspective.

    Posted • @mathewfras
    Thanks to the bulls that bucked me off...
    The 2015 season wasn’t the first disappointment my life, and it won’t be the last. It’s about how you turn a negative into a positive. #HWPO -

  • 1 month ago

    Physiomed Oakville

    Great post from @dr.surdykapt

    Pain & Function
    “We often think that if our pain hasn’t changed, then we are not getting better... but DOING MORE without an increase in pain IS significant improvement.” - @running.physio
    The primary reason for individuals seeking the guidance of a physical therapist in an orthopedic or sports setting is usually to decrease pain while improving function. You cannot run because your left knee hurts. You cannot pick up your child because your right shoulder is symptomatic. You cannot sit at work because your low back is uncomfortable. So what do we do?
    We start by establishing basic goals. You want to run 3 miles. You want to pick up your 40 pound child. You want to be able to sit for 1 hour. That’s the function component, but how about pain?
    We’d likely discuss that in some capacity as well. You might tell me about the intensity, frequency, duration, or nature of your pain. Maybe your initial goal is complete resolution of symptoms. How do we combine your goals regarding function and pain?
    It might start with a conversation about expectations. It may be more realistic to focus on your function first even though the elimination of pain is your main focus. If you were previously able to run 1 mile with mild pain, but now you can run 3 miles with mild pain, would you consider that progress? Or what if you were only able to sit 30 minutes because the pain was so intense but now you’re able to sit for 1 hour?
    Rehabilitation is frustrating because it’s rarely linear. Some days your symptoms will be better and some days your symptoms will be worse, especially in the early stages after an injury or surgery. It takes patience and commitment from you and your healthcare provider.
    However, it’s extremely important to keep track of your progress from a functional standpoint as well. If you can do the SAME amount of activity with LESS pain, that is progress. Likewise, if you can do MORE of an activity with the SAME pain, that is also progress. And oftentimes, when the emphasis is placed on functional goals, pain can gradually decrease simultaneously.
    What are your thoughts on the topic?

    #pain #health #crossfit #injury

  • 1 month ago

    Physiomed Oakville

    Great visual of the Spiral Line.

    Regional interdependence.... to fix anything, you should probably fix everything.

    🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳 🕳 🕳
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