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Alliston residents have an opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to implement effective health care programs that support their wellbeing. Through a comprehensive approach, Alliston residents can address their health concerns and take proactive steps to preventing health issues in the future. Long-term health issues can be costly and lead to more serious problems. Physiomed provides a preventative approach to keeping Alliston residents healthy.

Alliston is a major industry city and home to three major automobile manufacturing factories. This has contributed to the rapid growth of its population and the demand for quality healthcare services. The town of Alliston has grown from its origins as a potato farming centre. Each year, the Alliston Potato Festival is held to commemorate its history. The local economy is also fueled by the presence of Honda of Canada Manufacturing, which produces many of the vehicles and parts distributed throughout the entire American region.

Dr. Filipe Tiburcio


Chiropractor/Clinic Owner

Dr. Tiburcio strives to help as many people as possible in reaching optimal health and well being through the Physiomed "Whole Health" approach. His goal is to empower his patients with the tools they require to live long, active and pain free lives.

Dr. Beverly Gilroy

BAKin (Sp.Hons), DC, CAFCI


Dr. Ashley Watson



Dr. Watson is native to the Alliston area and has spent most of her life here. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a major in Human Kinetics she worked at CF Base Borden as a fitness and sports instructor. Her love of exercise, sports and keen interest in sports injury and health and wellness led her to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She has been a Chiropractor at Physiomed since 2013, practices diversified technique and is a CSEP certified exercise physiologist.

Dr. Ryan Desjardins



Dr. Desjardins grew up on a sod farm up north in Timmins, Ontario. His academic career began in Sudbury, Ontario where he studied radiography. He got his first job as an xray technologist here in Alliston at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in 2010. He continued to work at Stevenson as he studied chiropractic in Toronto at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He now serves the community of Alliston in both fields of radiography and chiropractic.

Edmar Figueiredo



Peter de Faria

BSc Kin (Hons)

Wellness Consultant

Morsel Sherzai


Registered Massage Therapist

Chris Petersen


Registered Massage Therapist

Paige Hawkins


Registered Massage Therapist

Victoria Sebben


Active Care Specialist

Lisa Jones



Jessica Madrid

Physiotherapist Assistant

Candace Reesor

Accountants Collections Manager

Courtney Middleton


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  • 2 days ago

    Physiomed Alliston

    If you are trying to become a healthier person in 2019, one way to do so is by routinely consuming your daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables. You can accomplish this by making breakfast smoothies, eating a serving before or apart of each meal, and by incorporating them into healthy desserts. Be sure to maintain your physical health as well by stopping by our clinic for regular appointments with the health experts at Physiomed! #WellnessWednesday ...

  • 3 days ago

    Physiomed Alliston

    Having a difficult time focusing at work or school? Follow these simple tips to maximize productivity throughout your busiest days this year:

    Get Enough Sleep - Receiving adequate rest every night will ensure your brain is ready for the multiple challenges you'll face throughout the day.

    Give Yourself Deadlines - Setting timelines for when your tasks should be completed will allow you to avoid a pile up of work while keeping yourself organized.

    Come To Physiomed Regularly - Working with your practitioner on a regular basis can improve your physical wellness, ensuring pain is not in the way of your accomplishments. #TipTuesday

  • 4 days ago

    Physiomed Alliston

    Don’t allow others to shape the dreams you want to make a reality. You are powerful and capable of accomplishing those goals. #MotivationMonday ...

  • 7 days ago

    Physiomed Alliston

    Jump start your fitness journey this new year by practicing these simple yet effective exercises once a day:

    Power Planks - Any form of a plank is wonderful for engaging all of your main muscle groups including your upper body, lower body, and abdomen.

    Burpees - Practicing burpees regularly can improve your endurance by actively getting your heart rate up.

    Jump Squats - Adding a jumping action to traditional squats can improve your stability and also allow you to activate your lower body. #FitnessFriday

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