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A message from Michael Forint, Clinic Owner:

"All the facts I know about health and wellness...are false". (Title of my upcoming book.)

Not really. But doesn't it seem like that? Every month we hear about a new study that disproves last year's accepted truth. I know it's difficult to wade through all the info on the many important aspects of health. That's one of the big benefits of being a Physiomed patient - you have several trusted, trained health professionals to provide feedback, guidance and tools based on the latest knowledge of Positive Health Principles.

Physiomed Yonge Bloor is the starting point for our many customers who want to embrace better health. You will find experienced knowledgeable staff, using the latest in health techniques to deliver optimum health in a welcoming atmosphere. As the flagship clinic in the growing chain of progressive clinics, our clinic requires detailed attention to how we offer health services. Our core guiding principles will tell you much about what to expect in our clinic:

  • Patients' health results are our No. 1 priority
  • Staff are encouraged to continually develop their skills both professionally and personally
  • We reach out into the community to impact lives beyond our 4 walls
  • Every day we work to educate our patients, help them set clear goals for health objectives and help them achieve those results by tracking progress and giving encouragement using the many tools and techniques we employ

We are located at 4 Charles St. E., Suite 200, aka 675 Yonge St., just south of Yonge and Bloor.

Michael Forint

Clinic Owner

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  • 11 hours ago

    Physiomed Yonge Bloor

    Throughout the holiday season it is almost impossible to go a day without being on your feet for several hours. Take care of your feet and the rest of your body during this busy time by wearing your orthotics. In need of a new pair of orthotics or are interested in getting fitted for a pair? Contact our clinic today or visit our website at! #TipTuesday ...

  • Physiomed wishes you a wonderful and productive week. Remember to make decisions today that will benefit you tomorrow. Prioritize your health this week by visiting your healthcare practitioner at Physiomed. #MotivationMonday ...

  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic or metabolic condition? Physiomed’s team of healthcare experts can work with you to help manage your condition and aid you in leading a healthier life. Through physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and foot care, Physiomed can help. Contact our clinic today! #FitnessFriday ...

  • Pilates is a form of exercise that concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. Some of the many benefits to Pilates are:
    • Helps strengthens your core
    • Works to strengthens other muscles without impact
    • Prevents injury
    • Creates long lean muscles
    • Increases your bodies flexibility
    • Increases mind-body awareness
    • Improves posture and alignment
    • Reduces stress

    With @corestudio_pilates moving into Physiomed Yonge & Bloor, it makes it that much easier to sign up for classes!

    Follow @corestudio_pilates for more info on their opening promo: 10 Classes - $159 + hst for the Yonge & Bloor location only.

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