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Virtual Care

In most cases, in-person care is the preferred option for both patients and practitioners alike. However, there are times when geographic challenges, mobility concerns, time constraints and fears related to COVID-19 make in-person care impractical or even impossible. For this reason, Physiomed is pleased to offer virtual care appointments.

Virtual Appointments for Physiotherapy Treatment

What Is Virtual Care?

Virtual care is simply a remote appointment, conducted by a Physiomed Physiotherapist or other health professional, either over the telephone or though a secure video conferencing application using your computer (with webcam), tablet (e.g., iPad) or smart-phone (iPhone or Android).

Who Can Benefit From Virtual Care?

Virtual care is suitable for both new and existing patients. Depending on your need and condition, virtual care can include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Dietitian, Naturopathic and Psychotherapy counselling services (available services varies by clinic). In effect, we can provide any service that is allowed by our registered practitioners’ respective Colleges or regulatory bodies.

What Happens During A Virtual Care Appointment?

While there are some obvious differences between a virtual care appointment and in-person treatment, virtual care appointments can be highly effective and extremely beneficial. During a virtual care appointment, your Physiotherapist can:

  • review/assess your injury/condition and current symptoms
  • provide a diagnosis and an initial, virtually based, program of care
  • review exercises including monitoring your form and balance
  • monitor your progress and update your treatment plan as needed
  • provide on-going guidance & support until we can return to in-person care

Even without passive or hands-on treatments, there’s a lot that can be done to help ensure that your condition continues to improve. Of course, if your condition is acute or reaches emergency levels, your practitioner can also provide guidance on how best to meet those needs.

How Do I Get Started With Virtual Care?

To get started, simply use click on the “Book An Appointment” on the main image above, complete the booking form and submit your appointment request. After that, a representative from your chosen clinic will contact you to schedule your appointment. It’s that easy!

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a quick summary of the some other frequently asked questions related to virtual care. If you don’t see your question listed here, please contact your preferred Physiomed clinic for details on their virtual care program.

Why does the clinic location matter if it’s a virtual appointment?

Obviously, if you’re an existing patient, it makes most sense to continue your care with your current clinic team. If you’re a new patient, you may want to continue your care in-person (or maybe even just a part of it) at some point. In that case, choosing a location closest to where you live or work will make continuing in-person that much easier.

What do I need and how do I prepare for my first virtual care appointment?

Generally speaking, all you’ll need for your first virtual care session is either your telephone or an internet connection with a computer (with webcam), tablet (e.g., iPad) or smart-phone (iPhone or Android). If you’re using video rather than just audio, you’ll want to make sure to set up your device so that you can comfortably hold a face-to-face conversation and step back so your practitioner can see your whole body (to assessment or monitoring). As with an in-person appointment, you’ll also want make sure you’re wearing something loose fitting so that you can move freely.

Can I get prescriptions for pain, compression, bracing or orthotics?

For pain management, your Physiomed practitioner can discuss possible topical cream options. Topical creams may avoid most side effects and drug interactions from pills and also can be applied directly to the sore or painful areas. For compression socks, after your initial assessment, our allied clinical and medical team can work together to prescribe whatever support is necessary and appropriate for your condition. Unfortunately, bracing and orthotics require in-person interaction for measuring, fitting & adjustments. As a result, these supports can not be provided virtually.

Is virtual care covered by extended health benefits?

Yes, most large insurance companies have said that the various services indicated above (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Dietitian, Naturopathic and Psychotherapy counselling services) are covered. These services are listed as appropriate under the Scope of Care for our registered practitioners and the respective Colleges have had clear protocols for delivering virtual therapy for many years.

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