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Fall Flexibility Challenge: Stretches For October...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 04-10-2017

Crisp air, colourful foliage and early sunsets. Autumn is the time of year to hike rural trails, ... Read More

Jul 27

Exercise Efficiency and Cardio Health...

For many people, time is the biggest obstacle to improving their cardiovascular health. However, ...

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Jul 15

Stretches For Improving Your Soccer Game...

Soccer players place a heavy demand on their bodies. The sport combines movements that require a ...

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Jul 11

How To Get Into The Habit Of Exercising More...

Exercise is a critical component to maintaining long-term health and achieving fitness goals. But...

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Jul 06

Healthy Diet Tips To Stay Fit As You Age...

Being healthy as you age lets you stay physically active while preventing the diseases and injuri...

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