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Bone Health - Page 1

Joint and Bone Essentials – 4 Things You Can Do to He...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 01-04-2021

Arthritis is an extremely painful condition that affects over six million Canadians. It affects t... Read More

Aug 14

Time to Bone Up! 10 Interesting Bone Facts About Our...

When it comes to our health, the skeletal system isn’t something we think...

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Aug 01

3 Foods To Eat For Better Bone Health...

The health of your bones is an essential component to your overall wellbeing. It supports your da...

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Oct 15
back pain

Seasonal Changes & Back Pain: Our Tips for Reli...

There is a long list of triggers for back pain. Long periods of standing, lifting improperly, over o...

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Oct 01
poor foot health and back pain

Is Poor Foot Health Causing You Back Pain?...

We put our feet through a lot every day, and yet most Canadians don't make foot health a top heal...

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Sep 15

Common Myths About Custom Orthotics...

Custom orthotics are specially made medical devices that are designed to be worn inside your shoe...

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