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Physiomed Recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 23-06-2018

Many people don’t think about the causes and effects of brain injury unless it has impacted the... Read More

Apr 25

Spring Cleaning? Here Are 3 Ways To Prevent Injury W...

Maintaining your yard can be a rewarding experience. It keeps your home looking great while ensur...

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Jan 16

Preventing Injury While Shoveling Snow...

Winter can bring heavy snowfall, which requires residents to repeatedly shovel snow out of their ...

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Jan 15

Think You Don’t Have Time for Exercise? Think ...

Jan 01

Weight Loss & Nutrition: How To Meet Your Goals...

Dec 15

Women Can Improve Brain Health with These Tips…...

  • Over 60% of women in Canada say their brain health has worsened since the pandemic.
  • ...

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