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Sports Health Tips - Page 1

Clinical Conditioning

Clinical Conditioning: Training for Spring Sports After...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 01-03-2020

If you’re still slogging through the post-holiday hangovers and nasty win... Read More

May 14

Swinging Back Into Golf – Without Injuring You...

With golf season underway, many of us are looking forward to finally gettin...

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May 07

Muscles & Golf: How To Perfect Your Golf Swing ...

Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Wilson, founder and chairman of Physiomed. Many people t...

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Mar 05

Warm-Ups: Why it’s important to stretch your m...

Hi, I'm Dr Scott Wilson, founder and chairman of Physiomed. If you're ...

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Oct 24

How To Improve Your Flexibility For The Golf Course...

Contrary to stereotypes, golf can be quite hard on your body, especially if you play frequently. You...

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Feb 15

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