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Building Strength - Page 2

Muscles & Golf: How To Perfect Your Golf Swing Whi...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 07-05-2019

Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Wilson, founder and chairman of Physiomed. Many people t... Read More

Apr 07

Leg Day: Why Working Out Your Legs is Crucial to Imp...

Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Wilson, founder and chairman of Physiomed! Today we'...

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Apr 01

Strong Hips & Sturdy Legs: The Importance of Bu...

When it comes to exercise, many of us tend to obsess over problem areas or ...

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Oct 27

Strengthening Your Hips To Prevent-Treat Injury...

When we think of hip pain, we often think of a tightness or a lack of flexibility that restricts mov...

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Aug 15

Building Strength By Eating More Protein...

Building strength is one of the primary ways to improve health, function, and performance.

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