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General Tips - Page 26

Checking & Loosening Your Thoracic Spine...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 04-07-2014

Having a baseline level of rotation is one of the keys to preventing many upper body injuries and to... Read More

Jun 27

Loosening & Strengthening Your Hips...

Because many of us spend an average of 6.5 hours per day sitting, our hips tend to become very stiff...

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Jun 25

CAUTION: Hard Workouts & Hard Drinking Don’t ...

Okay, so the title sounds like a statement of the obvious but have you ever thought to yourself “s...

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Jun 13

BBQ Your Way to Healthier Eating…...

Recently, we recommended the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook from Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutritio...

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Jun 06

Golf Tip: Maximizing Distance With Proper Posture...

Now that the summer has finally arrived and golf season is in full swing (pun absolutely intended), ...

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Jun 15

Upper Back and Neck Pain: Causes and Solutions...

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  • Upper back and neck pain can be caused by var...

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Jun 01

Slim Down: How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally...

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  • Many people want to lose belly fat for aesthe...

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May 15

Restoring Balance with Vestibular Physical Therapy...

Key Highlights:

  • Vestibular physical therapy, or physiotherapy...

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