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Pain & Injury Tips - Page 14

Got Back Pain? These Tips Should Help!...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 19-12-2014

Back pain is a potentially debilitating condition that affects a remarkably high percentage of Canad... Read More

Dec 05

Fixing Low Back Pain Caused By Tight Quads...

One of the most common causes of non-traumatic low back pain that we see in our clinics comes from q...

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Apr 16

Why You Should Never Ice An Injury!...

For decades, we’ve been taught that applying ice (cryotherapy), was one of the most important thin...

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Apr 04

Low Trap Progression...

Here's a video from Dr. Jason Lemieux of Physiomed Oakville that demonstrates how to activate the lo...

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Mar 21

Muscle Knots: A Common But Treatable Condition!...

Are you suffering from muscle pain that just doesn’t seem to want to go away? Well, you’re not a...

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