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Pain & Injury Tips - Page 10

Identifying and Fixing Shoulder Issues...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 29-05-2016

Often times, engaging in outdoor sports and other activities leads to shoulder injuries. In many cas... Read More

May 27

Why You Might Be At Risk For A Traumatic Brain Injur...

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way that your brain functions. While con...

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Apr 28

Preventing and Treating Lower Leg Injuries...

For many of us, the return of warmer weather means a return to outdoor sports. Unfortunately, this a...

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Mar 18

Detecting A Serious Back Problem...

Back pain is common. Unfortunately, many people of various different ages and activity levels can...

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Mar 11

How to Avoid Aggravating Old Injuries...

Exercise can aggravate an old injury. If you’ve been injured in the past, you probably don’t ...

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Jun 15

Upper Back and Neck Pain: Causes and Solutions...

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